Electronic Vision Company Ltd was founded in 2010 as a result of a strategic partnership between the owners of Electronic Vision Establishment (founded back in 2007), Azmeel Group of Companies and Al Raddadi Group of companies. eVision today is a subsidiary of Azmeel Group of Companies sharing the group’s distinguished reputation throughout the GCC Market for superior business ethics and exceptional delivery capabilities; eVision acts as core member of the group by complementing the group’s renowned construction and infrastructure projects with the highly technological aspects that contributes to their leading edge. Over the past few years eVision has matured to become a major player in the technology infrastructure supply market. We have focused our time and resources at;
1. Acquiring the right level of partnership with international leading manufacturers of technology infrastructure products and services
2. Attracting the right level of talent and building the right internal environment that will enable talent to grow and excel
3. Building strong and long lasting relationships with the market leading real estate developers, contractors, and consultants.
All which enables eVision to acquire and retain its market leading position among System Integrators and Technology Infrastructure providers.

We focus all of our time and efforts at improving our offering and delivery capabilities. We offer one thing and one thing only; Technology Infrastructure. Our offering includes Structured Cabling Systems, Data and Voice Infrastructure components, Low Current Systems, and Physical Security and Protection Products and Services; Simply Infrastructure!


To become the leading Technology Infrastructure partner‐of‐choice for the top real‐state development companies, construction contractors, and design and ngineering onsultants GCC wide.


We are a customer focused company that partners with leading suppliers and transforms performance through Innovation, Quality and Commitment to assist our customers achieve operational excellence and increase profitability. Driven by our relentless devotion for Technology Infrastructure and its ability to drive
development, we are set out to:
1. Introduce the highest of technology standards within the real estate and infrastructure development market.
2. Exceed our delivery commitments.
3. Attract and retain the best talent in the market.