Enterprise Wireless
Today, mobility is a necessity, no longer a luxury or a fancy feature that is offered only to key users. Today’s users demand the ability to be mobile while maintaining their communication facilities operating flawlessly. We enhance our data infrastructure offering
with the best of breed corporate centralized wireless coverage solutions, delivering stable, secured and capable connectivity to the corporate user while on the move. We also offer a variety of products that work hand in hand with our wireless coverage solutions enhancing the security, stability, monitoring and manageability of the entire environment. Wireless has become the communication medium of choice for the majority of today’s technology users. eVision will design, architect, and build the right solution for your requirements whenever connectivity on the move is desired.

Enterprise Wireless Coverage
Indoor/Outdoor Centrally Managed Wireless Coverage
On-Site/Off-Site Mobility
WLAN Access: User Access & Management, Guest Access & Management, BYOD